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June 13, 2018
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June 13, 2018

Fruit And Hemp Grape


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Fruit And Hemp Grape – CBD Edible Strip

Fans of Green Roads World Strawberry Fruit and Hemp will fall in love with this new Grape flavored CBD fruit strip! A blend of all natural hemp extract and non-GMO ingredients come together once again to create this delicious holistic treat.

This organic alternative to our renowned CBD edible products, like CBD Froggies and CBD Gummie Men, is changing the way we see CBD edibles. No GMOs means that the product focuses on maximizing the health goals of our CBD customers, and the quality vegan fruit strip allows Grape Fruit and Hemp to be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. Grape Fruit and Hemp isn’t just healthy and delicious, it will bring you right back to your days as a kid enjoying fruit roll-up snacks. This nostalgic CBD edible strip allows for a tasty way to get your CBD dose.

If you’re going to be taking CBD regularly, you may as well do it the organic way. The non-GMO nature of this product reflects our vision at Green Roads World. We utilize the highest quality hemp that is grown organically, and without any external tampering. The production of genetically modified plants and products leads to dangerous runoff of toxins into the environment, and this new CBD fruit strip product allows Green Roads World to help make a stand against this damage!

Let’s get to the point. We’re interested in providing a healthy, toxin-free, and delicious CBD product to our customers. Green Roads has been providing top-notch CBD edibles gummies for quite some time, but the success of Strawberry Fruit and Hemp lead us to produce the next flavor of mouth-watering CBD strips.

Here at Green Roads, we’re also big fans of transparency. That’s why we provide independent lab test results for each of our products! The GMO products on the shelves in the United States do not require a label to indicate their contents. We’re dedicated to a positive and harmonious exchange between our business, and our customers, so you will always know what you are purchasing.

Grape Fruit And Hemp

This grape flavored CBD fruit strip comes conveniently packaged so that it can be carried anywhere. Each strip contains 50mg of satisfying grape CBD goodness. A CBD edible strip can be enjoyed by athletes, businessmen, and seniors alike! It’s our hope that convenient and accessible Green Roads products will help bring people together through health and wellness.

Green Roads World utilizes all hemp grown in the United States. Production of non-GMOs allows the country to thrive in a natural environment. The broad spectrum cannabidiol, CBD, found in this fruit strip is extracted from industrial hemp through a CO2 extraction. This creates a clean CBD solution which is utilized by our board-certified licensed pharmacist. When she decides to get a little crafty, we end up with tasty creations like Grape Fruit and Hemp.

If you’re looking to get back to a balanced mind and body, while enjoying a blast from the past, Grape Fruit and Hemp CBD strips are for you. We hope you enjoy the flavors we provide and encourage everyone to pursue the CBD education resources available on our website. If you have any questions regarding CBD going forward, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service team!

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