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5 Element Wellness Center offers a serene and peaceful environment for people to explore and experience the opportunity for growth in body, mind and spirit - through diverse alternative therapies and innovative approaches. Our services are performed in a friendly, caring and professional manner in order to bring about optimal health and healing.
We treat the patient as a whole and not merely as a disease or a symptom.
This is the secret to our success.

We specialize in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for the treatments of Infertility, Pain Management, Addictions, Depression, Anxiety and Weight Loss. We will do our best to meet or exceed your health care related needs. Our center also offers Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Cellular Cleanse, Endermologie, Teeth Whitening, Weight Loss, Homeopathic Injections, Sudatonic Treatment and Physical Therapy.

We have been providing services that promote total body wellness in Tamarac and Weston, Florida for over 15 years. Our experience and dedication to patient wellness is why we have been the leading Wellness Center in Broward County.



Treating the root of the imbalance will alleviate current symptoms
as well as the prevention of new symptoms or disease.


The Water Element governs the urinary system and all aspects of the distribution and storage of water; it supplies fluidity, cleansing and rejuvenation. The emotion associated with this element is fear.


The wood element organizes and helps with the rhythmic flow of the body and it’s systems. The emotion associated with the wood element is anger and it is often the impetus for change.


The fire element with its heat and warmth has the transformative power necessary for physiological processes. This energy has a lot to do with relationships and control.


Physically, the earth element is responsible for digestion and distribution of the food and drink we ingest. The emotion connected to the earth element is sympathy and can manifest as a caring for others, generous giving, supporting, sustaining, and embracing unconditionally.


This Element regulates respiration and elimination, giving us the ability to breathe and dispose of waste and toxins. Pride, vanity, arrogance and filth can contaminate the body, mind, and spirit.

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