Homeopathic Injectables

Lymphomyosot - $45 (1 to 3 injections in 1 week)
Traumeel - $45 per injection
Cerebrum - $45 per injection
Zeel - $45 per injection
Collagen Ampoules - $95 for 1 session, $599 for 8 sessions, $699 for 10 sessions (8 to 10 sessions, once per week)
Guna MD Knee - $70 for 1 session, $599 for 10 sessions
Engystol - $45 per injection
Scascupreel - $45 per injection
Neuro-injeel - $45 per injection
Neural - $45 per injection
Lipotropic - $35 for 1 Injection, $240 for 12 Injections, $360 for 24 Injections
Poly Arthritis - $45 per session
B12 injectable $35.00 for 1 or 10 for $250
Packages available. Health Insurance accepted. Aetna & Cigna provider.
We also accept:
Care Plus
Humana Gold plus

*Times, where given, are times for the service itself and do not include time for dressing and undressing or any extra time needed on initial visits. Read the description of the service for more detail on these matters or consult with your Five Element Wellness Center Representative.

We accept VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express® Anyone who changes, misses or cancels an appointment without at least 24 hours prior notice will be charged a $50 missed appointment fee. Anyone who shows up more than 15 minutes late for an appointment may lose her appointment slot, depending on how heavy our schedule is. Other policies apply. See our Policies Page for details.

We accept Workman's Comp, PIP, and VA Cases.

We are providers for United Healthcare, Aetna and Cigna.

PPO plans accepted for Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana.

Blue Cross Cigna Aetna United Health Humana