Boost Your Immune System with Acupuncture

The Season for colds and the flu is here, but Acupuncture has ways to strengthen your immune system to ward off illness. Acupuncture is normally thought of as a pain-relieving treatment, but did you know it can help to naturally boost your immune system?

Conventional medicine has been paying close attention to Acupuncture as there have been several research studies explaining the complex mechanism of action it has on the body. Scientist have determined the role acupuncture plays in boosting the immune system. Studies have shown that Acupuncture enhances the production of natural killer cells (T-cells), which is the primary defense mechanism against bacteria and viruses that can make us sick. Acupuncture also acts on a complex system that regulates white blood cells directly linked to the fight against infections, allergic reactions and autoimmune disorders. It is thought that acupuncture does this by provoking the body’s immune response through the use of needles; the body thinks the needles are a threat and both T-cells and white cell count goes up to fight them off.  The affects of the treatment lasts days after the session and it works on viruses and bacteria as well.

Most of us know that Stress is not good for us and one of the many negative effects on our body is the weakening of our immune system making us more susceptible to a whole host of illnesses and disease including colds and flu. Stress affects us by stimulating the production of Cortisol which suppresses our immune system. Cortisol acts as an immunosuppressant by reducing the number of white blood cells, more specifically our T-cells.  Acupuncture is able to change the messages that are being sent to our nervous system, endocrine system and immune system. We cannot always change the stressors in our lives but we can change how our body reacts to them. Acupuncture naturally regulates our nervous system increasing serotonin levels leading to a better functioning immune system.

Acupuncture can be easily incorporated into your conventional treatment plan. You do not have to wait until you get sick to benefit from the immune boosting affects of Acupuncture. Prevention is the key to everything and Acupuncture and Oriental medicine is no different. Patient will benefit much more from being treated prior to onset of flu or Cold symptoms; however, if symptoms begin to arise, then immediate treatment is imperative.  If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, then Acupuncture is a great way to increase your immune system and keep you healthy during the flu season.  Begin regular treatments now, so you can prevent colds and the flu! Be healthy this winter!

Tips to improve your immune system this flu season:

  • Eat good quality food in appropriate amounts
  • Sleep well and regularly
  • Manage stress and working hours where possible
  • avoid antibiotics, antihistamines and sinus medication
  • If you are ill, rest, take extra nutrients and herbs, have a few Acupuncture sessions to boost your immune system.

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