Community Acupuncture

Acupuncture utilization in the United States has increased in recent years, but is less common among ethnic minorities and those of low socioeconomic status. The effectiveness of Acupuncture treatments has been shown

for a range of health conditions, such as chronic pain, chemotherapy side effects, insomnia, substance abuse, PTSD, stress, anxiety disorders.   Such conditions have high social and economic costs exacerbated by a lack of adequate conventional treatments. Community Acupuncture aims to improve access to care through low-cost treatments in group-based settings.  Group based, Community acupuncture is gaining popularity around the United States due to low-cost treatments provided on a sliding fee scale or a flat fee.  Community Acupuncture in a group setting is the model of delivery used in China and high volume Acupuncture clinics in United Kingdom.

Because patients are seen in a shared space in a shorter time period, pricing is more affordable.  Treatments are performed on zero balance recliners in a quiet and soothing space.   There are many benefits in treating this way, family members and friends can come in together for treatment.

Acupuncture works for many conditions gradually over time. For those people that are uninsured or that their health insurance don’t cover acupuncture, they can afford $75 for one treatment but not $750 for a course of treatments.  Not all conditions require ongoing treatments, however people whose job are a factor in their condition should keep up with regular treatments. For example, baristas with wrists pain, construction workers with back pain, hairdressers with wrist and neck pain, teachers with high stress and we can go on an on.  In these situations, the condition will get better after a few treatments but because daily circumstances and environment directly contribute to the ailment, the odds are high that it will come back.

Furthermore, affordable visits using the community model allows patients to come frequently, which in turn improves the effectiveness of Acupuncture and allows them to continue doing their jobs.

The accessibility of Community Acupuncture makes it beneficial for all kinds of problems and ailments. If the problem is acute such a sprain or a strain, multiple treatments within a short period of time are recommended and because of the low cost, it’s realistic that the patient can come 3 to 4 days in a week.

In addition to low cost, Community Treatments can be beneficial in cases where illness or pain has an isolating effect. Certain kinds of chronic pain can cause people to feel very alone. The group setting encourages people to interact if they want to in a way that is not possible in a private setting. Being treated in a group setting can be very healing.  I personally have seen patients make friends, exchange recipes and nutrition information, encourage one another specially when dealing with chronic pain during the group section.   Also keep in mind that for pain conditions we do not need to directly access the painful area of the body to treat it. Anyone can come to Community Acupuncture, from children to adults and treatment range from 30 to 45 minutes long.  Five Element Wellness is very excited to now offer Community Acupuncture among others treatments.

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