Slimmer U Wellness Center Offers Slimming Techniques

Monique and Rita might have struck gold in Tamarac.  Their Center, Five Element offers what seems to be the up-and-coming solution of losing inches, not weight and tightening skin, as well as facials,  body treatments and waxing services.

The Wellness Center opened its doors in Feb. of 2001 and is the only one in this area to offer the Mineral Body Wrap. The body wrap is a process that helps to slenderize the body and tighten the skin in only 60 minutes.  Skeptics beware, this is not a dehydration process. The inches do not come back after you drink water.  The Center guarantees a loss of at least 6 inches. The procedure of the body wrap is simple:

The client is carefully measured before the procedure, wrapped in ace bandages that have been soaked in an all-natural mineral solution. The liquid minerals soak into the skin,  pulls out the metabolic waste and compacts the fat cells. After an hour, they unwrap the client and measure the inch loss.  This is the only wrap that is not a dehydration wrap. There is no sweating and no water loss and clients don’t feel any urge to drink back the inches.   The center also guarantees that the Client will not gain the inches back if they don’t gain weight.

It is important to understand that the body wrap does not take the fat cells out. The process merely removes the fluids that sit in between the fat cells, which make people appear larger. When the interstitial fluid is removed, the fat cells are pushed closer together, making people smaller.

The owners, Rita and Monique are so excited with the results clients have been getting with the wraps that they feel very comfortable saying that this is not another weight loss gimmick.  They say that with the mineral body wrap, not only clients lose inches, they also feel healthier, energized and their skin visibly tightens.  “ Our personal reward is watching the excitement of our customers when they leave the shop smaller and feeling good.”

The Wellness center is a place where you can go to enjoy the best in personal care and attention.  They also offer a unique variety of healing treatments, which are designed to stimulate your body, mind and spirit.  The treatments range from massage therapy, sudatonic treatments, holistic facials, microdermabrasion, endermologie, acupuncture.   If you have been looking for a place to escape your daily stress, Five Element Wellness Center has a recipe for you.  The Owners Monique and Rita invite you to experience a soothing and relaxing time with them.

We accept Workman's Comp, PIP, and VA Cases.

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PPO plans accepted for Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana.

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