The Ancient System of 5-Elements Acupuncture

I was very skeptical when I first went into acupuncture and like most it was the last resort. however I kept going back for more treatments.  My symptoms got better, but there was a lot more than just having the symptoms diminished, it was an overall unexplainable well being.  I became so intrigued that during my treatments I would ask lots of questions and I would try to get exact and precise answers, but they never came. Having a science background it was really hard for me to make sense of it without putting everything in a box, where it would make perfect sense.  However I could not deny that this experience was not only helping me with the illness but it was changing me or better, it was bringing me Home.  In 2002 I changed the course of my life and decided not to go Medical School and enrolled in the Academy for Five Elements to learn about this amazing tradition that had just swept me of my feet.  Life since has been more clear to me as I not only I am learning how to treat and help others but how to understand myself and my body.  I hope this brings you a little more clarity of what Five Elements Acupuncture is all about.

Acupuncture works by affecting the quality of energy or chi that flows through the twelve meridians of the body.  On these twelve meridians there are 365 main acupuncture points.  These points increase both the quality and amount of energy that flows in these meridians.  When a practitioner chooses a point, he or she is aiming to restore balance for that person on that day.  During this process emotions may come to the surface and resolve.  When natural flow is restored and balance is achieved, then all symptoms and illnesses disappear.

Classical Five Elements Acupuncture is unique among the various types of Acupuncture where relies on natural laws and recognizes that health of a person’s entire body, mind and spirit must be taken into account.  5 Elements Acupuncture is set apart from the other systems by its fundamental way of diagnosing and treating patients.  This ancient system of Medicine was brought to the West in the 1950’s by and Englishman, Professor J.R.Worsley (1923-2003).  Over the last four thousand years Acupuncture has gone through many stages of development and schools of thought. Classical 5 Elements was formed around 200 BC when the Chinese were going through a period when they observed nature, natural laws and noticed the correlations in people.

For thousands of years, the Chinese have recognized that the Five Elements: wood, fire, Earth, Metal and Water exists in everything, everyone, and are essential for life.  Five Element Acupuncture looks for emotional or Spirit level causes for a person’s distress and believes by healing at this level the person moves forward not just their presenting symptoms.  This system of Acupuncture believes that every human being is born with, or develops early in life, an imbalance in the natural functioning of these Five Elements.  This imbalance becomes the root cause of illness of the body, mind and Spirit.  The Five Elements are connected and interconnected, each one depending on the others to fulfill their part.  By finding out which one of the five Elements first went out of balance and primarily treating that element, best known as Causative factor or CF, the whole person will heal and move forward.

Each Element has its own distinct associations, and each has an important role to play in everything we do, think and feel.  When the energy of the Five Elements are functioning in Harmony and balance within ourselves, we feel healthy, nourished and fully alive. Classical Five-Elements Acupuncture alleviates symptoms and patients experience well being, clarity of mind and openness of heart.  An increasing number of patients find classical Acupuncture extraordinarily effective in overcoming physical illness as well as for regaining and overall sense of well-being.  Many of patients including myself, turn to this ancient system of healing after various western medicines and techniques, while sometimes necessary and helpful, fall short in helping us feel well.

As a Five-Elements intern, I have learned to look at disease not just as pathology in the western medical sense. But also as a signpost that points the way to our transformation.  Our deepest places of vulnerability and weakness can also be our deepest places of virtue and strength. Five Elements is an oral tradition, it gets transmitted through experience and example and it is based on learning through the senses.  While the didactic work is written down, the majority of the learning involves developing the heart, the intuition and the senses.

According to J.R.Worsley, Instead of asking, “What kind of symptoms does this person have?” Classical Acupuncture asks, “What kind of person has these symptoms, and why?”  he also said that Five-Elements practitioners understand and treat the level within the patient where help is needed and this opens the door to the miraculous.  The prospects of learning this without the guidance of the masters are so remote as to be out of the question. The good news is that if you want to learn more about this ancient tradition or would like to be treated, you can contact the academy for Five-Elements Acupuncture, which is located in Hallandale.

Now that you have more knowledge of Five-Elements Acupuncture, I will try to answer some of the most frequent asked questions.  The needles used are solid and very very thin.  You will usually not feel the needle go in, however you might feel a mild dull sensation as the needle touches the energy of the point.  The treatments can be between 1 hours to 1 1/2 hours long and the first treatment can take up to 2 hours long since the practitioner will spend the time getting to know you and your full history.  As far as how many treatments you will need, it will vary depending on the severity of the condition. All needles are sterile and as far as the Academy for Five-Elements Acupuncture only disposable needles are used.  The treatments at the Student clinic are a 1/3 of the going price.

If you want to learn more about yourself and the root of your illnesses Five-Elements Acupuncture can help.  It is a complete system of healing, providing patients with a substantive and effective means of regaining balance on all levels.

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