is an immunostimulating homeopathic remedy which has been scientifically proven to significantly reduce the duration and severity of symptoms during an acute viral infection (when given as a treatment) and help protect against subsequent infections (when given as prophylaxis).

What does Engystol do?

The aim of treatment with Engystol is to activate and support the body’s endogenous defense mechanisms, in example, to:

  • Strengthen the natural immune response in cases of viral invasion, resulting in milder symptoms and shorter recovery times.
  • Protect against subsequent infections.

For example, taken either preventively or at the first signs of a cold, Engystol has been used empirically to prevent the development of acute symptoms.

Antiviral activity of Engystol

Basic research has revealed the activity of Engystol against viruses, such as adenovirus Type 5, Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 (HSV 1) and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), and Human Rhino Virus (HRV).

In a clinical setting, Engystol has also been shown to shorten the time of infection and reduce antibody titres against influenza A.

These results were observed via a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial for the prophylaxis of flu (influenza) and the common cold.

Benefits of Engystol

  • Scientifically demonstrated and clinically proven efficacy and safety
  • May be used for both treatment and prevention of various viral infections
  • Stimulates the non-specific and specific immune system (an immunostimulator), thereby strengthening the immune system
  • Safe for pregnant women or nursing mothers, as well as the entire family
  • No known side effects, contraindications or interactions
  • Very well-tolerated
  • Suitable for long-term treatment
  • May be combined with other natural or conventional immunostimulating therapies.

Should I use Engystol?

Consider using Engystol in a prophylactic (preventative) and therapeutic way:

  • Patients who are susceptible to, or who have, a viral infection, such as a cold or flu.
  • Patients with pre-existing medical conditions, or those over 65 years of age, who might be more susceptible to viral infections, e.g., in winter.
  • Primarily healthy younger children who might be susceptible to viral infections, e.g., RSV, in the winter season.
  • The entire family with viral infections.

When to Take Engystol?

  • Before traveling for long hours on trains/airplanes
  • Before spending additional time with general population (e.g. long haul train journey's, flights etc.)
  • Before a big party with poor air circulation
  • Autumn / Winter season
  • Before going on holiday
  • If feeling run down / very tired
  • Pre/post-surgery, when the body's immune system can be weakened due to other stresses on the body
  • Signs of a viral infection, e.g. a cold, herpes simplex virus

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